Hope you are all settling into the new term, well-rested after the holidays.

Just a reminder that several of your essays are waiting to be picked up in the Humanities and Languages office (100 Hazen Hall). If you didn’t get yours back before the holidays, that is where it is.

Anyone off campus this term drop me a line and I will post it to you.


Still marking

I am heading out of town for a week tomorrow and will be taking the last of the marking with me. I will put a notice up here once I have turned in the grades. You will be able to pick up your papers in the Hum&Lang office by the start of term. Remember: you can’t rush something good.


All the best for the holidays!

Life writing

I had not heard of Alexander Masters before but his work sounds fascinating. He seems a fervent believer that all lives matter and have worth:

Found: 148 Diaries. But Who Wrote Them?” by James Parker, The New York Times (Dec. 9/16),

a review of

A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in the Trash, Alexander Masters, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2016.


Rewrites of 2nd assignment

will be accepted up to and including the day of the final exam. Please give me both the original marked draft, and the new rewritten draft.


All PPTs

have been uploaded.


Passing it on …

The science of studying: How students can put their brains to best use,” Nicole Mortillaro, CBC News (Dec. 5, 2016): “Exams can be stressful, but scientific research offers tips on how students can improve their marks.”


Yes, it’s a tough time of year.

But look on the bright side: we don’t live in London in 1665 like poor Samuel Pepys!

English Mass Grave Sheds New Light on the Horrors of the Black Death: The burial pit contained 48 skeletons that tested positive for the plague,” Danny Lewis, (Dec.2, 2016).


Last Lorenzo reading of the term


Click to visit publisher’s page

Selected reviews: 1, 2, 3


Final exam

The exam for this course is scheduled for Wednesday December 14th at 7pm in the  G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre (rows 4-5). You will have three hours though you likely won’t need the full time. The exam is closed book but you may bring one sheet of letter-sized paper with writing or printing on it. I would suggest the most important things to include would be the titles of the course readings, years of publication, and the authors’ names. Anyone making special arrangements to write, be sure to double-check those arrangements with Student Services.


Your work

I am going to post some examples of the student assignments that received high marks. Please check out this page over the next few days: more to come!