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Writing assignment rewrites

Anyone may rewrite the writing assignment as long as the new draft (along with the marked one) is in to me by the due date of the next assignment (i.e. Nov. 15). If you choose this option, I will mark the second version and then average the two marks for the mark you will receive for the assignment.

Bonus marks

There are two more events in the Lorenzo Reading Series this term:

  • Nov 3 – Secret… by Kevin Donovan– Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre, 7:00PM
  • Nov 24 – Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill– Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre, 7:00PM

In addition, other literary/cultural events are eligible, such as Saint John Theatre Company productions or other book readings. Check with me when in doubt.

Remember: for each event you attend, you will receive 0.5% added to your final grade. For each brief review you write, you will receive up to an additional 0.5% added to your final grade, for a total of up to 1% for each.